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Gemeente- museum Hel- mond / Estate of James Avati, USA

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Stichting CuBra, The Netherlands

James Avati (1912-2005)
Paperback Cover Artist

Bertolt Brecht Was een groot liefhebber van misdaadromans.  Ed Schilders las de catalogus van Brechts bibliotheek en zocht er de paperbacks bij die ook bij hem op de plank staan

Horace McCoy

Een portret van deze Amerikaanse auteur voor wiens werk Avati tweemaal een cover schilderde


On this page you will find links to the personalized web sites of renowned paperback cover artists: Stanley Zuckerberg, Robert McGinnis & Robert Maguire

Pictures from an Exhibition

14 photo impressions of the Avati Exhibition at the Municipal Museum in Helmond (Netherlands) - if you missed it, take a look here to get the idea of this unique exhibit

James Avati Gallery # 3

Preliminary sketches

Camille & detail

World Enough and Time & detail

The Seven Storey Mountain

A House in the Uplands

James Avati - illustrator van het echte Amerikaanse leven - Frank Hoenjet - complete boek - met illustraties

James Avati Gallery # 2

Another close look at some of the 90 paintings at the Helmond Exhibition / Schilderijen in close up uit de tentoonstelling in Helmond


The Best Thing That Ever Happened

Love and Money

Listen to Avati telling about his meeting with J.D. Salinger

The paperback cover of J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye

Has Avati been influenced by an earlier rendering of Holden Caulfield?

Artikel / Feature

Bij Avati krijg je wat je ziet - Rutger Pontzen (illustrated)


James Avati Gallery # 1

A close look at some of the 90 paintings at the Helmond Exhibition / Schilderijen in close up uit de tentoonstelling in Helmond

Appointment in Samarra

No Star is Lost

The Seven Story Mountain

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

James Avati Library

1st & 2nd series - 20 books - New titles every week or so


Nieuw boek - New Book

The first biography and bibliography about James Avati, by Piet Schreuders and Kenneth Fulton. To be presented October 9 at the opening of the Helmond exhibition.

Oktober 2005: Avati-tentoonstelling in Helmond - Persbericht

Avati exhibition -  Press release October 2005

Avati-tentoonstelling - over het affiche

Avati exhibition - about the poster

Photo to painting to paperback - Foto, schilderij, boekomslag

2 voorbeelden van Avati's werkwijze met modellen / 2 examples of Avati's modelling technique - as shown in Helmond Municipal Museum - in Gemeentemuseum Helmond

Listen to Avati about his models

Portfolio van Avati's paperback covers - Signet Books

14 covers for New American Library - Signet Books - 1950's

Over / About James Avati

In Memoriam James Avati - Piet Schreuders

Interview met James Avati - Ed Schilders

An interview with James Avati - Ed Schilders