Illustratie: Elliott Banfield

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What do you think?


Do you think I don't miss?

Do you think

             if your voice is not caressing my restless heart

             and if the melody of your sentiments

             is not leading the symphony of my heartbeats,

             I have any peace?

Do you think it has any importance

if the fox, the leopard and wolf,

             stem from the love birds,

             or have the quality of daily opportunists' daggers?

Passing by the seconds,

the sad hearts of violists

             become more nostalgic

             for the absence of sunshine

Do you think that violists

             at night

             in deficiency of light

             buy a gleam of moon?

             and open their petals

             in coquetry to seduce?

Do you think I am of harsh deceit

or am as the delicate piece of silk, deceptive?


I think I am thirsty

before I start begging

give me a glass of kindness...

Do you think love is like thirst?

That if you fulfill me with your sips of affection

I will no longer drink your love?


Do you think that because my adorations have no Allah

I don't know how tot worship?

Didn't I kneel to the freedom Soorahs of life

and pray in the name of love?


Do you think like every other bird

in a season of year

I take off?

             Beleieve me

             I stem from the tenderhearted

             From the long lost tribe of devoted...




Farinaz Aryanfar, campusdichter 2008